Friday, August 24, 2007

Michelle Malkin on Fox News

Generally, I avoid the "Oh? Really" Factor on Fox News whenever I can. In fact, I'm enjoying not watching it even as we speak. But flipping channels tonight, I stopped -- and who couldn't? -- for at least a few moments while Michelle Malkin's toothsome visage wrinkled upon sniffing out the latest liberal spin, in steaming dollop form? The show does seem to be more unabashedly conservative with her on than with O'Reilly. Is that a plus? Maybe. Just because someone appears to be on my side doesn't mean I necessarily want to listen. Better a middle-of-the-roader who asks incisive questions and tolerates no bull, than a conservative who fumbles the ball and is easily overwhelmed. (I admit to getting tired of some of the "help" conservatives have been getting, of late. We have the Republican Party, for crying out loud -- who needs another incompetent ally?) But generally, I think Ms. Malkin does a good job.

BTW -- have you ever tried to convince a liberal that O'Reilly is not a conservative? Liberals think that anyone who isn't a liberal is a conservative. Actually, I don't think O'Reilly is ideologically driven at all, at least not directly. I think he understands that his audience is composed primarily of conservatives, or at least right/populist.

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