Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Say It Isn't So

Prominent evangelical conservative Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid.

Erstwhile conservative magazines such as National Review and the American Spectator have been cautiously testing the waters for Giuliani support for a while already. Which is to say, winning elections is becoming more important than certain principles, such as opposing abortion.

That professional policy wonks lose sight of principles in the heat of a campaign is understandable. Regrettable, but understandable.

That a man of the cloth would do the same is just, well, depressing.

Someone please wake me from this horrible nightmare.


Ken C. said...

No nightmare, Lee. Just one more reason to jump into the Ron Paul revolution.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! What Ken C. said!

Robertson is no surprise. He has been a wing nut for years. Also, he has that fixation on pre-millenial theology that makes herding all the Jews back to Israel of prime importance. He thinks Rudy is the most pro-Israel of the bunch.