Sunday, June 7, 2009

All the Hope and Change We Can Stand, and More!

The data are pouring in on the efficacy of solving an enormous debt problem by borrowing $2 trillion more. Yep, the results are what you thought they'd be. It takes a team of Keynesian economists and a roomful of Ivy League Ph.D.s to believe it could have been otherwise.

Check out the numbers at Gateway Pundit.

What we have here is the highest two-month rise in unemployment (7.6% to 9.4%) since we started tracking the statistic in 1948. The red line with dots represents actual data. If unemployment were a common stock, your broker would be telling you, "Buy! Buy! Buy!"

Meanwhile, as the economy burns, Obama fiddles with socialized medicine and green legislation.

This was all too much for one prominent critic of the Obama economic "stimulus", who protested on May 15:

“We can’t keep on just borrowing from China. We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.”

So who is this bold critic of the Obama debt? Newt Gingrich? Rush Limbaugh? Fox News? Beelzebub? But then, I repeat myself. Why, it was BO himself, the One, the fellow who sends a tingle up Chris Matthews' leg, the God-like savior who has Newsweek reporter Evan Thomas genuflecting. Lest you think Obama was surrendering finally to reality, you're not that lucky -- he didn't mean it, he just tossed that out as a spurious argument in favor of a socialized medicine. It takes a special mindset to look at socialized industry and see increased productivity.

Let's have a show of hands: who remembers the way the media excoriated Bush for the size of his deficits? Now, another show of hands: which mainstream media outlets have pointed out that Obama's first year deficit is bigger than all eight of Bush's deficits combined? If ever this country needed a news media to do its job and report all the news, that time is now -- and all these guys can bring themselves to do is lick Obama's shoes. Anyway, here are the deficit projections, and again, hat tip to Gateway Pundit.

And here's what the mainstream news media thinks about all this:
...sound of crickets chirping...
...ceiling fan oscillating... yawning and stretching...
We might be fortunate enough to vote the sordid lot out of office in a couple of years. I say fortunate, because in politics it's not who does the wrong, but who gets the blame, that counts. If Obama is able to pin the tail on Bush, and the media seems more than compliant enough to assist, then we'll go on spraying gasoline on the fire and wondering what Bush must have done to cause the flames to sprout so high. It happened with FDR in the Great Depression, no reason it can't happen again.

But even if we do vote them out, what will remain?

The current administration is nothing if not thorough. Destroy the currency? Check. Indebt our country to a powerful dictatorship? Check. Ruin the bond market and, while we're at it, the rule of law by stealing money from bond holders? Check. Prop up failed industry after failed industry with your tax dollars and mine? Check. Politicize the census so the districts can be redrawn in a manner more favorable to one political party? Check. Put everyone on the government teat so they'll be afraid of the consequences of not continuing the socialization of the economy? Check. Offend our erstwhile allies and sweet-talk the people who want us dead? Check. Brag to a dangerous world that America's days as a force of stability in the world are winding to a close? Check.

I'm not saying Obama hates our country and wants to bring about its destruction. I'm only asking, how much differently would he be doing things if that is what he wants?


Ken Christian, Jr. said...

Well you're last paragraph just about says it all, doesn't it, Lee?

Ken Christian, Jr said...

Whoops...the last comment should have said "your last" rather than "you're last". Sorry for my typo. I blame Bush Jr. for that too.